Self-confidence is critical to being a successful caregiver, and the best way to gain self-confidence is to learn as much about caregiving and your loved one’s illness as possible. As you explore the AF website, you will find information about specific forms of arthritis and different facets of caregiving. A thorough study of the materials offered throughout our site will go a long way to preparing you for your new challenge.


Several organizations provide training programs for caregivers:

  • Mather LifeWays offers the CARE Coaching Online course designed to help you take better care of elder loved ones with chronic illnesses. 

  • Family Caregiver Alliance provides an overview of day-to-day skills for caregiving.

  • The Net of Care website offers caregiving tips, articles, and a resource directory.

  • To order or download brochures about specific caregiving skills and useful forms, visit Family Caregiving 101.

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