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Our Programs Empower

With Arthritis Foundation programs, you can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and boost your mood and self-confidence. Taught by nationally certified instructors, the Arthritis Foundation’s Programs for Better Living empowers people with arthritis through aquatic, exercise and self-help programs that are proven to increase mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, and physician visits.

Our Programs Fit Your Needs

With a variety of programs from which to choose, there’s sure to be one that best fits your personal needs and goals. Contact us to help find programs and services available in your community. Consulting with your physician also may help you select the appropriate exercise and management program that is best for you.

Our Programs Are in Your Community

Arthritis Foundation programs are offered throughout the country in most major cities and in many convenient community-based settings, such as your local YMCA. Available at minimal cost to participants, they are offered in locations that are attentive to Americans with Disabilities Act standards, including access for people in wheelchairs and with impaired mobility.

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