Important Changes to Programs For Better Living

In an effort to modernize and streamline our mission delivery and to focus resources on activities that can make the greatest impact, a number of significant changes have been made to the Programs For Better Living Series. By December 31, 2014, the Arthritis Foundation will discontinue all direct involvement (delivery) in the Aquatics, Exercise and Tai Chi programs. Walk With Ease will remain a signature program with emphasis on group-led, self-directed and worksite delivery executed through online trainings and digital consumer tools

Arthritis Foundation Programs For Better Living Transition 2014

Tai Chi Program

  • The Arthritis Foundation is no longer certifying instructors in tai chi, but there are other avenues you can pursue.  We are aware of Tai Chi for Health Institute (Dr. Lam’s trainings) for instructors for the Tai Chi for Arthritis program;

Exercise Program

  • In-person trainings will be discontinued on or before 12/31/14.
  • Instructor training is available through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) at
  • The naming of the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program will change by the end of the year. 

Aquatics Program

  • In-person trainings will be discontinued on or before 12/31/14.
  • The Arthritis Foundation will be transitioning the aquatics program leader training to an online format through a third party organization by the end of the year.
  • The naming of the Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program will change by the end of the year. 

Walk With Ease Program

  • Will remain a signature program with a focus on self-directed and/or worksite delivery.
  • In-person trainings will be discontinued on or before 2014.
  • Enhanced online consumer tools and tracker to launch (web and mobile) by 3rd Quarter 2014.

Data Collection, Materials and Certifications

  • All evidence-based program data collection will be eliminated no later than end of year 2014. 
  • The Arthritis Foundation will discontinue availability of instructor/leader manuals by 12/31/14.
  • The AF has renewed the Walk With Ease, exercise, aquatics and tai chi programs with American Council on Exercise and Aquatic Exercise Association for 2014 continuing education units.  The online trainings for the exercise program and Walk With Ease are currently under review for this year.  Continuing Education Provider Certifications with these organizations will not be renewed after 2014.
  • Current instructors/leaders and trainers are able to maintain their  certification until its expiration date.

Silver Sneakers FLEX

  • The Arthritis Foundation has formed a new partnership with  Healthways/SilverSneakers Fitness program. They have a new program called FLEX!!  The FLEX program is designed to attract members who typically don’t visit a gym/fitness center or need more variety, ease of access or a different customer experience. The program will engage those members by leveraging non-traditional SilverSneakers classes and activities such as Zumba®, tai chi, yoga, walking groups, etc. at venues throughout the community.  SilverSneakers is hiring instructors as independent contractors to help lead this new program.  Venues can include studios, community and senior centers, churches, parks and other safe, comfortable environments, existing or to be determined. They are interested in hiring instructors who are trained to teach our programs.
  • FLEX instructors establish their own classes. They will receive compensation based on member participation but also will have opportunities to make additional revenue by including non-SilverSneakers members to join their classes. For more information, visit or contact Parker McCarthy at 480-444-5247.

Community Referral

  • Arthritis Foundation will list existing/previously certified instructors or facilities on our website in areas where we have the capacity to do so.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Certification Now Available ONLINE!

$129 - Classes can be taken any time!

The new interactive workshop curriculum covers:

- Principles of exercise
- Joint protection and safety principles
- Health education
- Equipment use
- Group dynamics

The training is offered through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). The program fee of $129 includes:

- Interactive online training workshop
- Downloadable PDF instructor manual
- Two-year Arthritis Foundation certification
- One-year AFAA membership – a $68 value


Get more information or register HERE

Contact Rachel Batten for questions

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