Why Become an Arthritis Foundation Advocate

Why Become an Advocate?

Tell Your Stories and Make a Difference

We are the authority on arthritis and have a strong voice at the state and federal levels. By telling your untold stories to insurers and regulators, you'll help us make sure that all people with arthritis have access to optimal care and the best medication at affordable costs.

Advocates are our most powerful weapon against laws and regulations that create barriers for people living with arthritis. With an army of more than 150,000 members strong, our Advocates ensure that health care plans ease the burdens of those with arthritis, rather than making their goals harder to reach, empowering you to help us make game-changing decisions every day.

When You Advocate, You Can...

Advocate Testimonials

Show Congress that You Care

"I advocate because I have seen what research, new medications, and education can do insofar as granting a person with arthritis a higher quality of life and I want to ensure continuation of these efforts. If I am not willing to advocate, then why should Congress and researchers care about my disease?" - Cathy, Ohio

Take Control of Your Life

"I advocate because when my son was diagnosed, it was like I was no longer in control!  By advocating, it makes me feel like I have just a little bit of that control back." - Angela, Kentucky

Make a Difference

"I advocate because it allows me to be a productive person in society, despite my condition that caused my disability. I am able to pay if forward and feel like an active member of society. I feel that it actually is my way to cope and accept the uncertainity of life that I face now. It makes me happy, gives me a reason to get up each day, and is so rewarding to be part of something proactive that is making a huge difference for people across the country." - Ellen, Rhode Island

See Why Our Advocates Fight to Be a Champion of Yes

Meet Wade Balmer & Danielle M. Stephens, who fight for better medications and improved research to prevent, control and cure arthritis.

Join the fight - sign up to be an Advocate and help us make lasting changes to improve lives!