• Because arthritis costs our nation $128 billion annually. An investment in arthritis research will pay dividends in the future.
  • Because Congress plans to cut $1.2 trillion in federal spending by November and needs to know that Americans value research funding.
  • Because if we don't stand up for arthritis research, who will?


Learn more about the Arthritis Foundation's initiative to preserve arthritis research.

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  • Telling Congress what I think about the budget arthritis.org/petition
  • Dear Congress, don't cut arthritis research arthritis.org/petition
  • Research is our only hope for a cure arthritis.org/petition

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  • Make a Difference! Help Petition Congress not to cut funding for arthritis research. Do it on behalf of the 50 million Americans and nearly 300,000 children who suffer from the affects of arthritis. Sign the petition today!
  • Arthritis cost our nation $128 billion annually. Now is not the time to cut research funding. Sign the Petition and tell Congress keep America researching for a cure.
  • Sign the Petition and tell Congress not to cut funding for Arthritis Research!

Behind the Scenes

At the 2011 Juvenile Arthritis Conference, kids of all ages had the opportunity to share their thoughts with President Obama.  The video you've seen represents only 1.1% of the video captured at the conference.  That's a lot of film and a whole bunch of kids with juvenile arthritis.  Check out our make-shift studio and some of the adorable kids who aren't in the video below:



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