Invite Your Representative to Attend Arthritis Walk

Inviting your Representative to attend an Arthritis Foundation event is an easy way to begin a lasting relationship with your legislator's office. Use the tools and resources below to complete the request. If you have any questions, contact Laurie Markle at

Sample Invitation Voicemail

Hi [Scheduler Name],

This is [Your Name] from [Your City]. I am calling today to follow up on an email I sent last week, inviting Representative [Last Name] to attend, and possibly speak at, our local Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run/Walk [or other relevant event] on [insert date]. I would love to talk about this with you further. Please give me a call at your convenience at [your phone] or send me an email at [your email]. Thank you for your time [Scheduler name]!

Sample Invitation Email

Improve upon this sample email by sharing with the legislator pictures from your last Jingle Bell Run, details about the event, and invite them to join your team!

Dear [Scheduler Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I'm writing today to invite Representative [last name] to attend the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Run/Walk on [insert date] at [location] in [city]. We would love to see the Representative out at the event, helping to raise awareness about the great work [s]he is doing to combat America's leading cause of disability. If the Representative is interested, we would also welcome the opportunity to have [him/her] speak to the event participants prior to the start. If the Congress[wo]man is interested and available, I will happily place you or any relevant local staff in contact with the local Arthritis Foundation staff responsbile for the event coordination.

Thanks very much for your kind consideration, [Scheduler Name]!

Best Regards,

[Your Name, Contact Information, Home Address]

 If your Representative agrees to attend Arthritis Walk:

  1.  Download this Legislator Handler Guide which includes do's and don'ts of interacting with a legislator, a day-of checklist, and sample legislator talking points. 
  2. Notify the Arthritis Foundation staff associated with your local Arthritis Walk.
  3. Email and let us know your Representative will be participating!
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