Arthritis Providers and Researchers Advocacy Alliance

We are providers and scientists dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of arthritis.

As a member of the APRAA, you’ll receive a monthly e-newsletter with an update from Washington, D.C. on the arthritis-related legislative issues important to you. You’ll also receive occasional "action alerts" where, in five minutes or less, you can email your members of Congress on urgent and relevant matters.  Lastly, as a member of the APRAA, you’ll be provided opportunities to share your thoughts on upcoming legislation with the Arthritis Foundation's advocacy staff in order to ensure the Arthritis Foundation is addressing the specific needs of the medical and research communities.   There is no obligation to participate in the action alerts and unsubscribing can be done with the click of a button.

I joined APRAA because...

"...I want to make a difference. We need to speak out for people who can’t always speak out for themselves. Physicians are in a strong position to make sure that their patients get what they need. They are recognized as leaders and can convey messages to decision-makers about what is important to their patients."Dr. Helen Emery, Pediatric Rheumatologist, Seattle Children's Hospital



How to join:

To join APRAA, you can register online or through the mail:


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