Arthritis Agenda

Welcome to the Arthritis Agenda, an advocacy newsletter of the Arthritis Foundation.

Volume 8, No. 2


Current Status of the Arthritis Act

 The Arthritis Prevention Control and Cure Act (S. 626/H.R. 1283) currently has 45 cosponsors in the Senate and 187 in the House.   Arthritis Advocates have been asked to send emails if their Member(s) of Congress has been a cosponsor in the past, but currently is not a cosponsor of the Arthritis Act.  In many cases, the Member’s staff simply needs a reminder that the Member has been a cosponsor in the past.  We hope to see these Members added to the list of cosponsors soon.  As cosponsors continue to be added, our efforts are focused on encouraging the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee to "mark-up" or review and revise, if necessary, the legislation and move it forward for consideration by the full Senate or House, respectively. 

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