Summit 2014 Agenda (subject to change)

Monday, March 24

10:00AM                                      Summit Registration

3:00PM–4:00PM                         Research for the Cure update (optional)

4:00PM-4:30PM                          Kids’ Summit Parent Orientation

4:30PM–6:30PM                         Kids’ Summit (children in grades K-8)

5:00PM–6:30PM                         Advocacy Training Sessions (mandatory for all Summit participants)
                                                            First Time Attendees
                                                            Intermediate Session
                                                            Advanced Session      

8:00PM-9:00PM                           Teen Meet and Greet

Tuesday, March 25

7:30AM–8:15AM                           State Coordinator Meet and Greet Breakfast - meet your State Coordinators before going to the Hill!

8:15AM-12:15PM                         Kids’ Summit (children in grades K-8)

Parents must sign their children in by 8:15AM and must sign them out at noon or in the conclusion of the Arthritis Advocacy session.  Parents and children will have lunch together.

8:30AM–12:15PM                          General Session-Welcome by Ann M. Palmer, CEO, Arthritis Foundation and advocacy training      

12:15PM–1:15PM                          Lunch

2:00PM                                          Group Photo on Capitol Hill

                                                      (note: if you have a meeting scheduled for this time, you must attend the meeting)

2:30PM–6:15PM                           Senate Meetings

2:30PM-6:15PM                            Networking Center and Walk Dial-A-Thon (new this year!)

7:15PM–9:00PM                           Dinner Program

Wednesday, March 26

7:30AM–8:30AM                          Breakfast

8:00AM–5:00PM                          House of Representative Meetings

8:30AM–4:00PM                          Networking Center






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