2008 Virtual Summit


Connect Virtually with Members of Congress Online


You too can “visit” your Members of Congress while 400 volunteers and Arthritis Foundation staff will be walking the halls of Congress.

We’re proud to once agagin introduce what we like to call Virtual Summit 2.0 – reaching out to our Members of Congress in a whole new way. Starting this year, not only will you be able to send a letter to your Members of Congress, but also send yourself. Building on your ability to personalize messages we provide you via the Virtual Summit, you will be able to attach a picture of yourself – or even send a video message – to Members and their staff. So, technically, you will be making a personal visit to Congress via the internet.

Interested in sharing your story via streaming video? Check out the resources below to help you start thinking about what you want to share with your Member of Congress, as well as detailed directions on how to upload and  send your message.

Are you ready? Grab your camera and/or video camera and help shine a spotlight on your important personal story – Congress needs to do more for people with arthritis!!! See you in Washington, D.C.!

Best Practices for Making a Video Advocacy Message

How to Upload Your Video Message to YouTube


Send your story and ask Congress to support the Arthritis, Prevention, Control and Cure Act, research and programs.


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