What is the Advocacy and Kids’ Summit?

Advocacy and Kids' SummitThere are 46 million Americans, including 300,000 children, who have arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation staff can advocate long and hard on their behalf for arthritis priorities, such as Health Care Reform and increased funding for research, programs, and services. However, unless the legislators are also hearing from you – their constituents – in support of these priorities, they aren’t going to pay that much attention. Partnerships among staff, national volunteers and grassroots volunteers are necessary for advocacy success, so we get together annually for the Advocacy and Kids’ Summit to meet with Members of Congress. This year, we meet March 1-3, 2010 as the Power of 1: The Voice of Many.

The key to success in changing government policies and funding is through grassroots advocacy. This means that YOU can make a difference.

You may wonder why your legislators will want to listen to you. There are at least three reasons. First, arthritis is a serious, national health problem that government must help confront. Second, you are unique because you have current information about arthritis. Third, you are a voter in your legislator’s district and state.

One good way to communicate with a legislator about the importance of arthritis legislation is to tell them about you. Specifically, tell them about how arthritis affects you and your life. Telling them your story makes the effects of arthritis personal.

Thinking of getting involved? Here’s what you can do:


Join Us in Washington, DC.

Read detailed information about the 2010 Advocacy & Kids’ Summit, register online and reserve your room today at the Doubletree Hotel.

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Arthritis Advocacy Priorities

Learn about why the Arthritis, Prevention, Control and Cure Act, health care reform, biologics, research, and prevention are so important to improving the lives of people with arthritis. Read more

What You Need to Know

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What You Can Do at Home

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Organize a Town Hall Meeting
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