Sign Our 2014 Arthritis Month Action Alert!

Show your support for the fight against arthritis.


Make a Donation to Help Find a Cure

During Arthritis Month, please support the Arthritis Foundation’s efforts in research, advocacy and the many ways we provide help and support to people with the disease and their loved ones. Be sure to spread the word – to family, friends, coworkers, everyone you know – that arthritis has to be taken seriously. It’s America’s #1 cause of disability and can be painful, debilitating and costly. The Arthritis Foundation is hard at work on solutions. We need your help to win the fight once and for all.


How the Arthritis Foundation Helps

Discovering a Cure

We lead groundbreaking research to find new and better arthritis treatments – and ultimately a cure.

Removing Barriers

We fight for patients’ access to more affordable and effective health care, plus advocate for important research funding.

Improving Daily Life

We offer trusted and proven information and resources to help the 1 in 5 adults and 300,000 children with arthritis improve their lives.

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