Leadership & Strategy

Strategic Plan Impact Objectives

Make arthritis unacceptable.
Build involvement in the cause via advocacy, events, fundraising appeals, media relations, consumer information.
Partners: Engage Arthritis Foundation communications at all levels in advancing shared messages and an agenda for change.

Provide universal access to the knowledge, skills and resources people need to minimize the impact of arthritis in their lives.
Mobilize funds and capacity to create broader reach and meaningful engagement that helps people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.
Partners: Engage health care providers, employers, health promotion organizations and others in both high-reach and high-touch efforts to improve lives.

Drive a strategic research agenda that achieves major benefits for people with OA, RA and JA.
Mobilize public and private funding as well as societal alignment around goals and strategies that offer major benefits for people with arthritis.
Partners: Align researchers, clinicians, industry, funders, policymakers and patient groups around a shared research agenda.

Influence policies and strategies to produce better outcomes for people with arthritis.
Mobilize support for public and private policies that support arthritis prevention, innovation and access to quality care.
Partners: Partner with federal and state agencies such as CDC, NIH, AHRQ, FDA and other health policy entities, state public health departments, healthy communities efforts and industry.

Reduce arthritis-related disparities in health and health care.
Create greater capacity to assist underserved populations that have a significant arthritis burden.
Partners: Collaborate with local entities and national partners such as the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, African-American churches, Office of Minority Health in HHS and the NIAMS Disparities Initiative.