Fight Arthritis Pain: Managing OA

In 2010, the Arthritis Foundation and the Ad Council launched Fight Arthritis Pain-a public awareness campaign about osteoarthritis (OA). Because arthritis is the leading cause of disability and OA the most common form of arthritis, impacting 27 million Americans, it is important that everyone understands the disease and what can be done about it..

The Fight Arthritis Pain campaign empowered people with or at risk for OA to take simple steps to reduce pain, increase their mobility and help prevent disability caused by osteoarthritis.  Created pro bono by the ad agency Y&R in New York, the campaign demonstrated that moving is the best medicine and provided suggestions of ways to fight arthritis pain. The ads aired on radio and television and print ads appeared in newspapers and magazines and all led back to the campaign website:


Even though the campaign wrapped up at the end of 2012,  the battle against osteoarthritis continues, and a prime weapon in that battle is movement. Whether walking the dog, biking, swimming, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away from the entrance, all of these are secret weapons against OA. Below are links to information that you can use to fight your battle against OA. 


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