Director of Osteoarthritis Programs | Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia





The Director, Osteoarthritis Programs serves as the point person for execution of research programs designed to address osteoarthritis. This includes leadership responsibilities for the Arthritis Foundation osteoarthritis clinical trial network, as well as collaboration between the AF and other third party entities. The Director is responsible for coordination of team science within Arthritis Foundation supported projects, supporting an overarching goal to achieve health outcome improvement for people dealing with, and challenged by, the effects of Arthritis in their daily lives.  In addition, this position will help build a process for evaluating and certifying third-party programs and environments.  


Within the Foundation, the Director develops and maintains relationships within the Science Department to advise on third-party partnership initiatives planned and underway, and to produce progress reports. The Director also maintains close contact with other internal departments, such as, Consumer Health, Corporate Development, Field Management and Major Gifts to provide updated accurate information regarding Partnership initiatives.


Outside the Foundation, the Director initiates and maintains relationships and communications with individual scientists and third party Partnerships in academia, industry and government, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and others.



1.      Lead and direct the Arthritis Foundation Osteoarthritis research program, including strategic planning, development and evaluation of all scientific-related programs, management of the scientific awardee portfolio, communication of progress and results, and the oversight of the national peer review system for all awardee scientific proposals and award nominations submitted to the Arthritis Foundation.

2.      Lead and Direct the Arthritis Foundation Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial network. Coordinating essential governance and operational aspects of the network, including coordinating development and ongoing execution of network SOPS, governance teams, reporting requirements, and site vetting.

3.      Plan and direct international scientific workshops hosted by the Arthritis Foundation and internal and external scientific sessions. Create workshop agendas, recruit effective and dynamic planning committee members, moderators, discussants, and speakers.

4.      Represent the Arthritis Foundation in the arthritis community by developing strong relationships with appropriate professional organizations, industry partners, and government agencies involved in arthritis scientific research. Develop contacts to meet strategic objectives, including potential partners or sponsors and establish the necessary relationships with other private and governmental organizations with similar goals and interests.

5.     Leverage clinical, scientific, and business insights to inform and advise the development and implementation of cross-cutting strategies for consumer information, development and fundraising, advocacy and access, and marketing and communications departments.

6.     Prepare presentations and reports for the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee, and other scientific committees and workgroups as needed.

7.     Develop and deliver lay language scientific and clinical presentations to major donor groups and at Board meetings. Conduct webinars for individuals and groups relating to scientific and clinical advances to conquer arthritis.

8.     Support the SVP, Scientific Strategy in development and execution of a five-year strategy for scientific discovery and anticipated investments of time and resources, including course correcting as new information develops.

9.     Serve as a leading voice nationally for arthritis scientific research, development, and translation in alignment with the Arthritis Foundation’s Champion of Yes brand; serve as a leading voice internationally for arthritis and related disease scientific discovery and represent the Foundation on external workgroups and committees.

10. Initiate and maintain frequent, congenial, collaborative and close working relationships with senior management, department heads and National Office staff at all levels, including with members of the Scientific Department.

11.  Attend board meetings as required, provide leadership in managing steering and advisory committees and interact with volunteer leadership for the AF, and with members of the Board of Directors and their committees.

12.  Establish strong credibility with donors, the scientific community and other potential partners.

13. Position the Arthritis Foundation as a conceptual and programmatic leader in osteoarthritis-related scientific research areas.

14. Develop, lead and participate in academic, government, and industry activities, including Advisory Boards and forums; create partnership opportunities and position the Arthritis Foundation as a leader in the implementation of a national arthritis scientific discovery strategy.

15. Create publications and white papers, consortiums, standards organizations, invited speaker engagements and other events to enhance the visibility and prominence of the Arthritis Foundation in the arthritis scientific community.

16. Support the SVP, Scientific Strategy in developing and administering the department budget. Demonstrates thoughtful stewardship of Foundation resources and assets.

17.  Other duties as assigned by the foundation’s SVP, Scientific Strategy.



1)     Eight to ten years of research experience, preferably in areas relating to immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, bioengineering or clinical/ translational research, or equivalent pharmaceutical or medical device development experience.

2)    Documented professional experiences requiring knowledge of GCP, IRB, HIPAA, and related regulatory guidance and policies.

3)     Strategic business experience with a healthcare, science or non-profit organization.

4)    Exceptional strategic, analytical and critical-thinking skills, including data mining experience and experience working with large amounts of data to develop innovative solutions.

5)     Demonstrated leadership skills coupled with strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

6)     Highly developed diplomatic skills and a strong sense of collaboration with the ability to build consensus.

7)     Proven track record of fostering collaborative partnerships with various audiences, including volunteers.

8)      Experience communicating scientific and clinical research concepts to professional and lay audiences.

9)      Demonstrated experience writing statements of work and managing contracts.

10)   A Master’s degree is required and a M.D. or Ph.D. is preferred.


Lead and direct all aspects of the scientific discovery program, including strategic planning


Provide staff leadership for the Scientific Discovery Advisory Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, the OA Clinical Trial Network and other scientific committees and workgroups


Lead the implementation of a five-year strategy for scientific discovery and anticipated investments


Serve as the subject matter expert for osteoarthritis by developing and delivering scientific and clinical presentations to major donor groups and at Board meetings


Create publications and white papers, consortiums, standards organizations, invited speaker engagements and other events






The Arthritis Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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