The Arthritis Foundation 60th Anniversary

Anniversary Highlights

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Milestones In Advocacy
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Milestones for Juvenile Arthritis
Comedian Bob Hope leads fund-raising campaigns to "Stop Arthritis.".

As each new year begins, we often take time to look back and reflect on what we accomplished in the previous year. This year, the Arthritis Foundation is looking back over the past 60 years, and throughout 2008, we are highlighting milestones in our history.

In its first year, 1948, the Arthritis Foundation, then known as the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, was founded by a small, but determined group of physicians and laypeople who wanted nothing more than to eradicate arthritis and loosen its grip on the millions of Americans living with the disease.

Now we are looking back at the power we have gained over arthritis. We look back so that we are able to more efficiently move forward, armed with the knowledge, experience and The Power of 60.

With our founders’ dreams and drive, we still are harnessing The Power of 60. These many years later, the Arthritis Foundation still leads the fight to prevent, treat and cure arthritis. From the groundwork laid by our founders, the Arthritis Foundation has grown into an organization hundreds of thousands strong. With developments in treatment, knowledge and advocacy, The Power of 60 has never been more evident.

Our 60 years in existence have brought many changes and even more triumphs to the field of arthritis. Keeping with and sometimes even setting the pace of modern medicine, the we have funded more than $397 million in arthritis research.

Our growing focus on advocacy led to the introduction of the Arthritis Prevention, Control & Cure Act, the first piece of arthritis legislation in more than 30 years. The bill promises to provide more funding, greater access to care and better recognition of the impact of arthritis. With growing support of this bill on Capitol Hill and in communities across the country, The Power of 60 is coming close to fruition.

Sixty years have taught us that we cannot make a difference without the help of those around us. What began as a small group of people wanting to make a difference has grown to 43 local offices nationwide, with thousands of members, hundreds of program services and fundraising events and millions of dollars in support. Chances are, The Power of 60 is in a community near you.

Please join us as we explore further The Power of 60.

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